Trevos light fittings withstand high temperatures as well as explosive atmospheres


How do we measure and test?

Thermal test – the aim of this test is to verify that none of the components of the fitting including the light source warms up to such a temperature that may compromise the fitting’s safety. The permissible values and the test procedure are set out by the ČSN EN 60598-1 standard.

  • The fixture is to be suspended – subject to the manufacturer’s instructions and in a draft-free environment with a prescribed temperature (preferably 25°C) and a prescribed voltage – and subsequently commissioned.
  • Measurements are taken once a steady state has been reached, i.e. when the surface temperature of the components of the fitting has changed by less than ±1°C in an hour.

The highest tested temperature that the luminaire withstands is always stated in the relevant product description given in the spec sheet.