When manufacturing industrial light fittings, both fluorescent lamps and LED lamps, the most important thing is the maximal precision of all parts. That is why we use the latest technology and top-class machines with maximal emphasis on precise processing. Using CNC technology to ensure maximum repeatability of individual production processes. Individual production steps are automated to a great degree.

Our work relies upon a strong technical base. Thanks to it, we are able to offer high quality of our products. We also strive to improve it permanently. The technical base allows us to develop completely new products according to the customer needs. The goal consists in delivering a light fitting with maximal added value to the customer.

Production of plastic parts

We produce the plastic parts of our light fittings with the help of robotic injection machines of renowned brands. The machines process granulated plastic. They allow us to make use of a broad range of adjustable values and technological parameters. That leads to achieve high production quality and high quality of components for fluorescent and LED lamps.


The production of bigger parts, i.e. bases and diffusers, is made with the help of the injection presses with linear robot for the removal of parts. The production of medium or small components is made with the help of machine with clamping forces up to 1600 kN.



Their machines are known for high economy, quality, precise processing and relative simplicity. The machine regulation is very sophisticated and the control intuitive.


Sonderhoff foam-filling line

The TREVOS light fittings can boast a high protection degree. That is possible particularly thanks to high-quality gasket of the diffuser. The gaskets are made in the CNC robotic foam-filling line with fully automated mixing and precise dosage.

Production of metal parts

Also the production of metal parts of the light fittings - reflectors, bases, clips, etc. - is automated to a high degree. That allows us to maintain high quality and precision of the components made. For example the punching and profiling robot for production of FE reflectors, the CNC bending centre, CNC punching centre.


Powder coating shop

The metal reflector constitutes an important element of the light fitting. The reflector provides the reflective surface for distribution of light. Our powder coating shop allows us to ensure a high-quality surface treatment of the reflector. The line is fully flexible with respect to the product size and geometry. It is therefore no problem to provide surface treatment even for reflectors more than 1.5 meter long.

Light fitting assembly

Individual parts from production must be assembled to the final product - fluorescent or LED lamps. The final assembly of light fittings is a very challenging manual work. It requires high dexterity, precision and professional knowledge of the assembly workers.


TREVOS, a.s. is especially proud of the resulting quality of all light fittings. Therefore every product passes multiple tests and inspections. All the lights are tested for functionality and safety.

The resulting high quality of the TREVOS light fittings is given also by the careful choice of the purchased components, be it LED modules or high-quality electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps. All purchased components come exclusively from production of renowned manufacturers and meet all European standard without problems.


KAWASAKI connection robot

The KAWASAKI robotic hand represent a top item of Japanese technology in the service of TREVOS. The robot connects a system of conductors distributing the power in the light fitting. The automatic line allows the saving of human labour and accelerates the assembly of big series of light fittings.